Recreation Gymnastics: This offers a good foundation for those who are new to gymnastics or are needing to consolidate skills learned in previous recreation classes.

Preschool Gymnastics:  This is an introduction to gymnastics, a fun-filled experience ideal for developing children's confidence, coordination, and strength.  Aged 3 years to 5 years old.

Advanced Gymnastics: This is suited to the gymnast who has been doing Recreational Gymnastics for at least a year or more, and is looking to further extend their gymnastic skills and ability. The advanced class is run for 1 1/2 hours per week. Generally, this is via invitation, but if you think your child is ready to take the next step, then please contact us 

Rhythmic Gymnastics:  I
s a unique blend of dance, art, and sport.  It combines elements of ballet, modern dance, basic acrobatic skills and manipulation of four-hand apparatus-ball, ribbon, clubs, and hoop.

Cheerleading Classes: Are a safe environment where beginner athletes are encouraged to challenge themselves, make mistakes and learn to find their small wins. Learn to work as a part of a team towards common goals. Routines are made up of dance, lifts, motions, and cheer. 

Competitive Gymnastics: Participation on team at Rangiora Gymnastics is by invitation only.  Students who demonstrate superior focus, desire and work ethic in class programming will be invited to consider becoming part of the team system.  A student must be 5 years old in order to be a candidate for team.  Programming for team covers introductory through Gymnastics New Zealand National Competitive Program.